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Business owners all face similar issues when it comes to managing their accounting and financial requirements in their day to day operations in business, but even though they face similar challenges, every business is entirely unique because of this one thing.
Every business owner is a unique individual in their goals they want to achieve, how they work with clients, how they manage their teams, how they offer their services.
Therefore, every business owner deserves a unique and tailored approach and service for their accounting system and how they can utilize it to deliver exactly what they require to measure the financial health of their business and make sound decisions from the seat of the CEO.
They are there to drive and steer that ship.
However, many business owners struggle with what I like to call the “cookie cutter approach”. This means that they may have accounting systems and service providers already in place OR they may even be doing it themselves AND simply are stuck in a “one size fits all” approach and it leaves them experiencing the following…..
Being made to “fit” into a package or service from an accountant that doesn’t really provide the outcome they need
Because they are using Quickbooks® Online they think that the software does all the work
Having no visibility over the numbers of the business and if their business is healthy and profitable
And if they do have financial reports, they do not understand what the numbers really mean and how those numbers can be used as a vehicle for growth
So how do I know all of this?
Well, I have worked with CPA Firms and small to mid-sized businesses throughout my career. My clients all have experienced this feeling of having to fit into the cookie cutter offering of other accounting firms, and I’ve recognized that each business has its own set up unique needs; what works for one company does not work for all.
You are NOT just a number - you are a unique business owner and individual who deserves the best service and support for the accounting needs of your company. You need an accounting partner who will provide the same level of service that you deliver to your clients. You need to understand how your business is performing and develop solutions that ensure your company’s growth and prosperity for many years to come. You need an accounting solution that will cater to the specific needs of your company and its direction for future growth.
To learn more about how Olive Tree Growth Partners can help you with our tailored & systematic bookkeeping and advisory solutions where you will be cared for like family, and you will receive the financial insight necessary to manage your business, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one appointment to speak directly with me.
I look forward to helping you grow and prosper,
Shelly Phillips, Founder
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Our Bookkeeping Services

We provide full-service bookkeeping solutions including:
Bookkeeping Set-Up
Set up Chart of Accounts tailored to your industry, setup/import of Vendors and Customers, connect bank accounts to the accounting software and other apps.
Bookkeeping Clean-Up/Catchup
Clean-up of your books, correcting discrepancies and ensure accurate account balances, catchup of months that have been neglected and establish a process for avoiding future errors.
Monthly Bookkeeping
Ongoing monthly bookkeeping services that are done-for-you. Our process includes the following: collection of needed source documents, record & categorize all transactions, data review, follow up with any transaction questions, reconcile accounts, financial statement review, perform monthly close of books, prepare financials statements and present to business owner for review & discussion.

Plus these Add-Ons

Accounts Payable/Bill Payment
Payables reporting, prepare & schedule vendor bills/invoices for owner approval, ensure on-time payment for vendors
Accounts Receivable/Invoicing
Accounts Receivable/InvoicingPrepare and send customers electronic invoices, easy receipt of payment with integrated credit card processing and bank transfers*, monitor receivables and provide management reporting

*discounted merchant processing fees available
Sales & Use Tax Reporting
Manage rate changes, prepare and file returns with supporting documentation and submit tax payments to the state.
Receipt Management
Have your books audit ready with our Receipt Management Services. We will ensure your receipts are attached to the corresponding transaction.
Full Service Payroll Processing
Owner-only Payroll as well as Company/Employee Payroll Processing and Independant Contractor Payments. Options include employee benefits, time and attendance tools, hiring & onboarding platform, talent management tools and insights & reporting. Next day direct deposit, electronic filing of payroll taxes, secure online access to paystubs and other perks for employees, and integration with accounting platform. Customer support available via phone, chat and email.

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