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The Financial Gardener


Cultivating your business from root to fruit to produce an abundant harvest.

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Did you know that olive trees can live for an average of 300-600 years? And that some can even live for THOUSANDS of years? It’s true! One of the oldest olive trees in the world is in the city of Bethlehem - they call it ”Al Badawe”, it’s more than 4,000 years old, its tangled trunks are +80 feet wide, and it’s STILL producing olives!
But here’s the thing - it didn’t get to that age (and girth!) by accident. To last that long, it needed to have the right care and conditions to help it grow, thrive and last.

So here’s my question - do you know what your business needs in order to stay financially healthy, and continue to grow and profit?

Just like the olive tree needs dry soil, lots of sun, and a warm climate in order to thrive, your business needs top-notch up-to-date bookkeeping in order to grow. But do you really have the time (or desire) to deal with the monthly grind of reconciliation, stressing over your federal tax forms, setting up series LLC for your rental properties, and the annual April tax-time scramble?

That’s where I come in!

Just think of me as your personal accounting-certified financial gardener.

And I want to help you take care of and grow your business, until it’s as old (and as fat!) as that ancient Al Badawe tree in Bethlehem.

My name is Shelly, and I’m an entrepreneur, an Elite Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor, Zoho Financial Partner and professional bookkeeper with 20+ years of experience. I specialize in the compliance industry helping lawyers, healthcare and many other companies - just like you - manage their bookkeeping and financial details while staying compliant with governmental agencies as well as the law. So you can enjoy more time, create more profit, and receive bigger tax deductions.

And I want to help you, too.
Some weird people are just born loving numbers - and I'm one of those weirdos.

Don't believe me? Here’s a quick overview of my “nerd resume”:

I'm an Elite Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor. That' just a fancy way of saying that I know Quickbooks® inside and out, and each year I take a re-certification test to prove it.

I hold a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Management. This makes me doubly-helpful for my entrepreneurial clients, because I’m also able to give them expert guidance on the managerial and operational elements of their business, too.

I have been a professional bookkeeper and an entrepreneur for 20 years. So I'm not just book smart - I've got plenty of experience in the real world, both in my own business and in the specialized industries of the clients that I serve. Everything, from past due taxes to fraud and embezzlement, I’ve seen it all and helped my clients fix it.

And I've taken graduate-level accounting courses, sat for every part of the EA (Enrolled Agent) exam and I'm always working on new certifications and training to learn more to better help my clients.

So yeah - I’m definitely a nerd.

BUT - it’s also safe to say that I’m very good at (and actually love to do!) all of those nerdy finance things your business really needs to keep growing and thriving profitably.

However, as much as I love numbers, it’s important that you know that I’m WAY more than just a data-crunching pencil-pusher.

I’ve got a HUGE heart for helping people. I love to laugh (just tell me a joke to find out). My client relationships are based in good communication and genuine care (almost all of my client relationships turn into long-term friendships!) And I love to volunteer my time at my church (my favorite days are when I get to help out with the kids!).

And it’s that mix that has helped me succeed in my own business, and also helped my clients succeed, these past 19 years.

Peace, Strength and Prosperity

So I’ll bet you’re wondering - why in the world did I choose an olive tree for my business logo, instead of a calculator?

Because everything the olive tree symbolizes is what I strive to give to my clients through my bookkeeping work:
Bookkeeping, financial management and tax preparation are some of the most stressful (and least liked) tasks that business owners HAVE to do. So let me extend you an olive branch of peace by taking this off your plate.
Given the right conditions, olive trees easily live for hundreds of years - and, with clean and up-to-date financial data, I can help give your business the information it needs to stay strong and healthy for years to come.
For centuries, crowns made from olive branches have been awarded to Olympic athletes as a symbol of their success. I always treat your business as my business, and your success as my success.
I’m more than just a calculator button-puncher for my clients - I am a source of business advice and financial expertise for my clients that helps improve your whole business and life!

As The Financial Gardener, I provide financial consulting, analysis, and research for business owners. This includes strategic budgeting and planning, capital expenditure and project analysis. My expertise as The Financial Gardener extends to offering training on accounting software proficiency. I offer personalized training sessions, but also teach group training courses. Additional information on my consulting, research and analysis, and training can be found on my services pages, on my social; media or by scheduling an appointment.

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